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A $20.00 deposit (refundable if not satisfied) is required for me to capture images and post online for review. Photographs will only be taken & posted for parents that request them. Some random images will be posted throughout the seasons.

Some of these images might be used for the school yearbook.

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LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-24LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-25LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-26LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-27LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-28LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-29LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-30LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-31LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-32LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-33LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-34LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-35LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-36LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-37LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-38LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-39LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-40LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-41LBHS Tennis-Varsity 02-13-2014-42