Best Images-West Seminole Baseball Spring 2014

If you like my images and style of shooting, and want images of your player, Email Jim at

A $20.00 deposit (refundable if not satisfied) is required for me to capture images and post online for review. Photographs will only be taken & posted for parents that request them. Some random images will be posted throughout the seasons.

About 50% of the profit from sales, comes back to WSB each season. More photos means more money back to the organization for upgrades and maintenance.
Acree-Yankees-AA-Amer 03-01-2014 (6)Ashford-Reds-AAA-Amer 03-10-2014 (3)Ashford-Reds-AAA-Amer 03-10-2014 (7)Carr-Giants-AA-Amer 03-11-2014 (11)Carr-Giants-AA-Amer 03-11-2014 (22)Dekeyser-Tigers-Ozones-03-06-2014 (17)Dekeyser-Tigers-Ozones-03-06-2014 (34)DeVinney-Reds-AAA-Amer 03-10-2014 (7)Espina-Braves-Ozones 02-28-2014 (4)-2Espina-Braves-Ozones 02-28-2014 (4)Espina-Braves-Ozones 02-28-2014 (7)Espina-Braves-Ozones 02-28-2014 (8)Hanson-Cubs-AAA-Amer 03-10-2014 (6)Heiken-Pirates-A-Ball 03-06-2014 (7)Heyman-Orioles-Ozones 03-05-2014 (6)Heyman-Orioles-Ozones 03-05-2014 (11)Heyman-Orioles-Ozones 03-05-2014 (21)Heyman-Orioles-Ozones 03-05-2014 (25)Hill-Tigers-Dixies 03-13-2014 (17)Hill-Tigers-Dixies 03-13-2014 (19)