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Requests for images from LBHS 2015-2016 Senior Nights will be posted in this group. Some random images will also be posted. If you are interested in purchasing images but don't see your senior, please contact Jim at
LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-2LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-3LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-2-2LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-4LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-2-3LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-3-2LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-4-2LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-3-3LBHS-Senior Night-trainers 10-23-2015-4-3