If you don't see images of your players, you might not have notified me (by order form & deposit) that you are interested in me photographing your players. Due to time constraints, I have hundreds of unposted images that don't get posted until parents request me to do so.

Most of these images are general shots or for those parents that have requested me to photograph their son or daughter. Scroll through and see what I have captured.

Most images in this gallery, are pretty much straight out of the camera other than some cropping.

If you see something you like, you can crop from here and I can tweak most of the images for better lighting, contrast & color. I can lighten the faces, darken the bright spots, change composition and remove distracting backgrounds and players/people using Photoshop.

Click on an image, then right click to add to a "favorites" folder which will appear near the top of the webpage and will be saved for future reference.

If you have questions, or would like me to get images of your son or daughter, please contact me through this site or at cadgra@aol.com

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